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A word from the guy in charge

Running the show at Invoco is technophile, Jeremy Strong.

Jeremy on Invoco...

“When I first started out in business, I couldn’t believe the prices on the phone bills I was receiving! Luckily for me, my telecoms background meant I was able to recognise that these prices were unacceptable and quite simply, needless. Like many business owners, I also felt daunted by poor customer service, lengthy waiting times and quite often feeling like just another number on a list. I knew there were better ways to run a telecoms company; and that’s what inspired me to push my business in the direction it is today.

Created as a solution to common frustrations, Invoco aims to be a breath of fresh air in the telecom industry. By offering a solid, personal service without a massive price tag or “tie ins”, we are proud to be completely customer-focused. It is our continuous work to always remain a step ahead whilst recognising the need of the customer that enables us to be the very best at what we do."

We can help everyone from start-ups and freelancers through to call centres and big business.

Get in touch with our friendly team today for no-obligation advice and to see how we can help your business.

I look forward to assisting you,


The UK's best loved telecom company for the 2nd year running!

A BIG THANK YOU to all of our customers who voted for us and enabled us to become recognised as the UK's best loved telecom company for the second year running!!


Come and see us on 3rd July at the NEC and have a chat about our latest call tracking and automation products to see how they can help your business.

Virtual Numbers

A virtual telephone number is a number which isn’t linked to a telephone line. If you’re running a small business, a virtual number is a great way to give yourself a more professional image, rather than using a mobile or home phone number.

For SMEs or global organisations, virtual numbers allow you to promote a local presence in the UK without having to physically be in that location. Our online call management system gives you unparalleled control of your numbers, a wealth of features and real-time statistics.

Call Tracking

Do you know how you win most of your business? Or do you spend money on newsletters, adverts and sales letters with no idea which of them work and which of them are money down the drain?

With our call tracking numbers you can use a specific phone number for a particular ad campaign, and find out how many people actually respond to your advert.

There’s no complicated adding up to be done. You’ll receive regular reports showing how many calls have been made to each of your tracking numbers.

Or go online and see, instantly, how many calls you've received on which numbers.

Virtual Landline

When you’re starting out, or running a micro-business, using a mobile phone or home landline as your business phone number is common practice. But most businesses eventually outgrow this setup and need something more professional and fit for purpose.

Hosted PBX

As your business evolves and grows, you need a telephone service that’s fit for purpose and keeps up with demand. With the right system you can provide exceptional customer service while your offices run more smoothly than ever before.

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