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Andrew Phillips Insurance Brokers Ltd

Contact Name:

Andrew Phillips, Founder

Business Type:

Insurance Broker

Find out how this Invoco client saves an extortionate amount on office phone bills in this interesting interview:
Hi Andrew. As a business owner, how has using Invoco improved the operation of your company?

We work from serviced offices and at one point I was becoming increasingly concerned over expensive outgoing call charges. Because our offices are externally managed, we have no flexibility to change our existing telecom provider; so I assumed I would always have to put up with hefty phone bills! When I shared my concerns with Jeremy, however, I was surprised (and relieved!) to discover that there was actually a simple and cost effective solution to my problem!

Jeremy suggested a VoIP service and as I already knew him, he very kindly loaned me the equipment so that I could try things out. The difference in my phone bills was incredible – even during the trial! Moving forward, it was an obvious decision to make to use the VoIP solution and since going ahead with the service, we have saved many hundreds of pounds on telephone bills. Invoco were subsequently able to provide me with Call Tracking Numbers to enable me to monitor the effectiveness of my marketing activity. Again, this innovative solution has saved my company a substantial amount of money that we were previously wasting on “blind” advertising.”

How does Invoco differ from other similar companies you may have used?

“Due to the success I have had with Invoco, I have not had a need to contact any similar companies. But Invoco consistently set the bar for exceptional service – in all sectors of business.

As a busy business owner myself, it’s always enormously beneficial to deal with a company who puts the needs of the customer first. And this is exactly what Invoco do – time and time again. Their friendly and helpful approach combined with their professional knowledge and passion for what they do make them an ideal supplier to work with.”

Do you have a specific example of how Invoco’s services have helped your business?

First and foremost, Invoco have provided me with a cost-effective, straight forward solution to an otherwise hopeless problem. Being in a serviced office means we have no option to negotiate on normal phone lines and charges. The VoIP solution has saved and continues to save my company a lot of money. Since implementing the services three years ago, my business has grown substantially. Even taking into account the much larger company I now have on my hands, my call costs are about the same now as I was paying to the serviced office company three years ago!”

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