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Assista Consulting

Assista Consulting


Assista Consulting

Contact Name:

Jane Wilcox, Senior Staff

Business Type:

Specialist Consultants to the NHS

For over a year Invoco has been helping the smooth running of specialist NHS Consultants, Assista Consulting. In the words of senior staff member, Jane Wilcox, Invoco’s services are a consistent “asset to the company”.

Since implementing Call Tracking Numbers, their office phone system and TIM Sales Leaderboards, the management at Assista are able to closely monitor and keep track of the calling activity of their sales teams as well as receive detailed reports on the production of all of their sales staff members.

“Invoco’s services have enabled us to easily keep up to date with our sales teams,” says Jane. “We receive weekly emails from the company and their simple yet highly effective service is always provided with a personal touch.”

But it’s not just the day-to day running of the business that Invoco help with; it’s the future of the company as well. The practical Invoco systems enable the management team a smoother and more efficient interviewing, assessing and training process. Speaking of this service, Jane says, “Having a reliable system that helps us employ and train staff members enables us to be certain that we are making the best choices for the business. The time and money we save through using Invoco allows us more of the same to put into our business.”

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