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Paul Rhodes, Founder

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Bespoke App Development

Discover how one Invoco client totally transformed his business with Call Tracking Numbers and a VoIP Phone and line…
Hi Paul, how did you first hear of Invoco and what attracted you to their services?

“I first met Jeremy through the Entrepreneurs’ Circle. At the time, my business was operating on standard handsets and I had no way of tracking and interpreting telephone leads. I also had the frustrating problem of often having to work away from the office; away from the company’s main phone line.

Following a conversation with Jeremy, I was incredibly pleased to find out that Invoco were able to provide workable and innovative solutions to my concerns. Jeremy understood my requirements and was able to provide clear and practical advice on the services that would help.”

What services do Invoco currently provide you with and how do they benefit the day-to-day running of your business?

“We currently use Call Tracking Numbers and an IP Phone and line. I had never heard of Call Tracking Numbers before and now I wonder how I ever got by without them! Since implementing this service, I am able to monitor where each of my telephone leads are generated on every product I promote. With this reliable system constantly working in the background, I am able to focus my time on my existing projects without worrying over whether my marketing plans are working or not.

The Hosted PBX system and the IP phones are equally as advantageous to my business. Like I mentioned earlier, the nature of my business often requires me to work away from the office. This used to mean that I would be away from and unable to take many of the business’s incoming calls. As a result, I would spend a lot of my “free time” playing “catch up” and replying to messages that had been left for me.

Thanks to the implementation of Invoco’s services, I am now able to fully operate my business on a remote basis. Jeremy and his helpful team have been incredibly hands-on in assisting me – even enabling me to keep my old office phone number from BT and adapting this into my company’s infrastructure. I am now able to answer different call types from any location and I have not had to deal with any administration work at all!

Through their innovative technology and incredibly friendly and helpful approach, Invoco have enabled me to run my business far more efficiently. My clients are happier; I am happier and my company is healthier.”

How would you sum up Invoco in three words?

“Innovative. Expert. Friendly.”

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