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World Wide Magazine Distribution Ltd

Contact Name:

Barry Allaway, Managing Director

Business Type:

Magazine Distribution and Logistics

As a successful business owner, you must get introduced to many new companies. What first attracted you to use Invoco?

“It was as if fate brought me to Invoco’s services. I first met Jeremy through local contacts at a time when I was looking for a system to track my telephone leads. Jeremy explained the innovative services that Invoco provide and he listened to what I required for my business. He also had an impressive amount of knowledge on the CRM systems I used and the amount of flexibility I needed to maintain. Jeremy advised a low cost, low risk trial of services based around my business needs and I knew from the onset that I had stumbled upon a special company.”

What services does Invoco provide you with?

“We began by implementing Call Tracking Numbers. This service significantly helped my marketing plans; I was able to see what campaigns were generating what leads and adjust my advertising accordingly. Since then I have switched all of my company’s phone lines to Invoco and they are now linked onto my existing CRM system.

I also have a VoIP system and a special ‘Barry hotline’ where an automated answering machine separates the ‘junk’ from the quality. This has saved me an incredible amount of time and money and I now consider it to be an asset to my lead generation and business production.”

The business world is highly competitive. What unique qualities do you see in Invoco?

“For me, it’s the way Invoco offers a balance between ‘professional and personal’. Jeremy and his team provide clear, easy to understand and relevant advice that is always based around the requirements of the individual customer. The team at Invoco have a clear passion for helping their customers and that shines through in the client-focused services they provide.

The technology is equally as impressive and once again, it’s obvious that it has been created with the customer in mind. In a fast paced world where technology is rapidly advancing, it comes as a breath of fresh air to see a company who is one step ahead yet remains true to their customer base.”

Finally…how would you sum up Invoco in three words?

“Innovative. Client-focused. Dedicated.”

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