Yealink W41P DECT Bundle

Yealink W41P DECT Bundle

£125.00 ex VAT

The Yealink W41P Bundle consists of a Yealink T41S IP Phone, a DD10K USB DECT dongle and the W60B DECT basestation, allowing the T41S phone to be used wirelessly.

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In an office dominated by wireless DECT phones, the Yealink W41P DECT desk phone is one of a kind for managers, executives and receptionists who require IP phone experience with exceptional HD Audio, larger display and multiple function keys.

The W41P ensures there is no need for physical network connections, as well as adding comfort and tidiness to any office with only one power cable. The W41P delivers exceptional call clarity with Yealinks premium HD voice technology. By plugging the Yealink DD10K DECT Dongle into the SIP-T41S IP Phone, the phone is ready to co-work with your DECT system and power up communication right there at your desk!

The bundle consists of:

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