Invoco has some great functions that as a small charity we find very useful. we are able to move the host helpline number between different mobiles, this cuts out having to physically hand a handset over. As we use our own handsets the call whisper (notifying us it is a mums in need caller) ensures that we can answer the phone professionally.

The voicemail being sent to our admin login allows us to store our messages (if we need to) & forward the message to the relevant staff member.

The info they collate & the reports you receive are a great way of looking at calls to mums in need & enables us to analyse, it also makes my job easier whey reporting to our board.

For us as a charity, value for money is always a must & Invoco offer us everything that we need at a reasonable rate.

MIN Enquiries 16th July 2018

Posted on: 16th July 2018

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