Regarding prices (the main concern for every business): Invoco have very competitive prices in comparison to another service providers. I have done my research and I found that they are amongst the cheapest in the industry if not the cheapest. Also, their prices are transparent and straightforward (no hidden charges). Regarding the service.: So far I am very happy with their VOIP service. They have a reliable service and clear communication for both ends of the call. Also, they have multiple services to accommodate my business needs. Regarding support: Probably this the second best thing they have. They have a great support team that is always available to answer any question through email, chat or phone call. All in all 5 stars. I would definitely recommend their service for any small or big business who is looking to reduce their telephone bill.

Tareq Al-Saber Impoxt 8th September 2016

Posted on: 8th September 2016

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