“I just wished I’d have known about Jeremy at Invoco sooner”

Since the Convention I’ve not only tested and set-up the Invoco system for my own needs, but I’ve been that impressed I’ve also been recommending Invoco to my Brand Clients which includes established companies and start-ups. I’ve been using VOIP telephony now for well over 2 years in all my businesses (after finally flushing BT out of my life once and for good!) The journey of understanding VOIP is not an easy one, I just wished I’d have known about Jeremy at Invoco sooner, it would have saved me hours/days of research and £’s of testing technology. Invoco are a great bunch of people to work with, they simplify the entire process and make it so easy to empower yourself and your telephone system requirements. I can’t praise and thank them enough, but just in case it helps… Thank you!

Adam Thorpe The Brand Chap 9th May 2018

Posted on: 9th May 2018

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