I am writing to express my sincerest thanks to all of you at Invoco, and especially to Dominic who has been exemplary throughout this client project, for bearing with us throughout all of the various twists and turns of what should have been a straightforward Hosted PBX order for Manuka Wholefoods. I appreciate that this has taken an inordinate amount of support time and can only apologise for this, and thank you most sincerely. Unfortunately, we have just discovered that BT Openreach have somehow ported the wrong number from the client’s account — and not just ported it, but ported it into a black hole rather than to you at Invoco, somehow being unable to retrieve it. Thankfully this was just an outbound-only and ADSL line so it is not such a big deal but, had it been the client’s main contact number instead, would have been a disaster. BT should be thoroughly ashamed of their rude, unhelpful customer service and laconic, difficult attitude to basic telephony administration; it seems that once these tasks hit the Gravesend black hole it’s anyone’s guess what random result will occur. Quite how a Letter of Authority spelling out the account and geographic number can result in this I am not sure but, there you go. Once again, I apologise that you had to deal with this. Above and beyond everything else, I truly cannot recommend Invoco’s services highly enough and will henceforth be a passionate advocate of your Hosted PBX services and will be glad to introduce my clients to Invoco. Your customer service is absolutely superb and the level of personal time and attention you give to client products is unmatched by any other UK telecoms company I have ever dealt with in recent years. Dominic Peirce, in particular, deserves massive thanks for his patience, tolerance and helpfulness throughout and I shall certainly be much happier knowing that my clients’ telephony will be in safer hands in the future. The SIP calls connect very rapidly at a good bitrate; they sound significantly better than many larger providers presumably due to lower switch contention and deliver a much better impression to customers. The most striking aspect is that despite the outbound call volume having almost tripled following the PBX being implemented, the client’s outbound call charges are a small fraction of their BT bill by an absolute landslide (a saving of 57.3% based on current traffic). An excellent outcome all round, as the client will in short order effectively have got a free Hosted PBX, if you see what I mean. All said and done, once the BT fiasco has been remedied, this will have been a case for congratulations all round.

Nicholas Turnbull Scimatix 25th August 2016

Posted on: 25th August 2016

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