“You’ve made our jobs a lot easier!”

Social Increase have used several fancy and expensive fixed phone systems in the past but the costs soon rack up. So we decided to revisit our decision of using traditional phone units and instead went on the hunt for a more flexible and affordable solution to our needs, and that’s when we came across Invoco. We were astonished by the price of their virtual phone numbers, which now give our team the ability to work whilst on the road and in the office. I had heard of virtual numbers before but I thought they would be more expensive because of the convenience they bring, but I was so wrong. Furthermore, we can quickly and conveniently login and customise when, where, who and how we answer our calls – it’s brilliant. Thank you Invoco for taking the hassle and expense out of our phone answering, you’ve made our jobs a lot easier!

Oliver Martin Wunderful 22nd December 2017

Posted on: 22nd December 2017