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The Team

Small. But perfectly formed… 😉

The Boss Man

Responsible for the whole shebang. Been in telecoms forever and has worked in seventeen countries which he thinks is impressive but we think he got kicked out of the previous sixteen.

Chief Geek

Responsible for making everything work. Has been working with computers for so long he now communicates primarily in 1’s and 0’s, so the rest of us have no clue what he’s on about.

The Wise One

Been in business since the dawn of time so pretty much knows all there is to know, or at least that’s what he tells us. Rumoured to have known the original Peaky Blinders.

Head of Customer Happiness

Responsible for looking after everyone, the team and customers alike. Her innate ability to break everything also makes her our most effective software tester.

The Network Guy

Talks about opening sockets and packet loss a lot. Rides his imaginary motorcycle in his spare time and is an avid Aston Villa fan which means he deals well with disappointment.

Customer Success Engineer

Frustrated at the limitations of the English language, is constantly inventing new vocabulary such as “accurability”, meaning “the ability to be accurate”. Genius.

Customer Success Engineer

His voice is so deep it is almost beyond human hearing and rumour has it he can communicate with trees. Has a part-time job as an emergency backup foghorn.

Customer Success Engineer

Lives a playboy lifestyle playing around with cars, motorcycles, boats and drones. We don’t know how he affords it and think he’s either landed gentry or has a lab producing crystal meth. Hopefully the former. Gulp.

Customer Success Engineer

Massive collector of Lego and 70's and 80's toys. Could've have had a career as a Lego artist but he totally bricked it.

Head of Marketing

Talks so fast nobody can understand her. Fortunately her job requires her to write most things down. Could’ve been a champion squash player if only she’d gotten over her dislike of strenuous exercise.

Head of Getting Things Done

Responsible for keeping us all in check. A staunch Birmingham City fan so has regular Anchorman-style fights with Jay in the car park.
Always loses obviously:)

Software Guy

Makes it all look good and work seamlessly across desktop and mobile environments. Another member of the world’s worst boy band, playing bass guitar.

Software Guy

Spends his time making our platform talk to other cloud-based applications. A cross between Bill Gates and Captain Jack Sparrow, just without the pirate hat. Has been known to consume two bottles of gin at a sitting and not to be crossed with, savvy?

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“Excellent customer service and friendly people with a great product.”

They are just fab. Excellent customer service and friendly people with a great product. Highly recommended.

Imogen Edmunds
Redwing Solutions
25th August 2016