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Port your telephone numbers to Invoco

Like what you see but would like to keep your existing telephone numbers? Not a problem. As long as we have a porting relationship in place with your current provider you can switch your numbers over to us.

Why port your numbers to Invoco?

  • Use our online dashboard to control how and where incoming calls are handled to suit you.
  • Use the detailed call analytics to see how many calls are received on each number and how effectively your call handling team are performing.
  • Identify what advertising is working for your business.
  • Get smart with your marketing and use tracking numbers for split testing and to finely hone your marketing messages.
  • You want to save money on your line rental and wish have your number as a virtual number.
  • You want to change from a traditional phone system to a Hosted Phone System in order to reduce costs and increase functionality.
  • Improve business efficiency by getting your phone calls to trigger a whole range of system automations.

Source & Effect

“Highly Recommended!”

Invoco really are the best! The dashboard makes buying and editing numbers really easy, the team are super helpful and always find an answer to my questions. Highly recommended!

Laura Underwood Source and Effect 1st June 2016

How does it work?

Porting your number to Invoco is really easy. It just takes 3 simple steps…

Complete a Letter of Authority

1. Complete a Letter of Authority

Simply fill out your account details for your existing provider together with any telephone numbers you wish to port and email it back to us.

 Set up your Invoco account

2. Set up your account

Enter your name, email and other details in preparation for the number port. Easy peasy.

We port your number to our network

3. We port your number to our network

We agree a time and date with your existing provider to port the number to our network. This happens seamlessly and there will be no downtime on your numbers.

Frequently asked questions – Telephone Number Porting

We can port in most UK numbers starting 01, 02, 03 and 08, assuming we have a porting relationship with your existing provider.

Would you like to port your telephone numbers to Invoco?

Enter your details here and we'll send you a Letter of Authority to fill out.


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Mirus Media

“Great website. Great service. Love it!”

Just used Invoco for the first time to monitor my numbers. How easy was that?? Great website. Great service. Love it!

Deborah Fielding Mirus Media 25th August 2016

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