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What is call tracking?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted… the trouble is I don’t know which half!”

In the 1930’s when this quote was first coined, it was valid. But these days there is a great tool that allows us to get a good handle on how our advertising is performing… call tracking.

Call tracking is a simple service that allows you to track and monitor how many calls you receive from each individual advert or piece of marketing you do.

A phone call is much more valuable than a click

We know all leads aren’t created equal, right? Marketing automation may be all the rage and you may have highly sophisticated marketing campaigns designed to move prospects through the sales funnel but none of these campaigns is going to be as efficient as a person handling a customer enquiry on the phone – listening to their requirements, developing rapport, handling their objections and closing the sale.

  • of all mobile advertising leads to a phone call as well of 61% of all mobile searches according to Google

  • of people complete their purchase activity offline following their search activity and conversion rates are much higher

  • of people would prefer to get help from a real person before making certain online purchases

  • of people say there have been times when they have questions which cannot be answered by the web site

  • of people say there have been times when they have needed help but have not been able to get hold of a real person

  • of those people that couldn't get help from a real person say it affected their decision not to purchase the product

So why would you leave it to chance where your phone leads come from?
Wouldn’t you want more of them?

This is where CALL TRACKING comes in.

How can call tracking numbers help your business?

  • Identify what advertising is working for your business.
  • Stop wasting money on ineffective adverts.
  • Get smart with your marketing and use tracking numbers for split testing and to finely hone your marketing messages.
  • Identify the best media for your marketing.
  • Project a more professional image by advertising a landline number instead of a mobile.
  • Attract more business by advertising in different areas using a local number for that area.
  • Control how and where incoming calls are handled to suit you.
  • Use the detailed call analytics to see how many calls are received on each number and how effectively your call handling team are performing.

“If you are not already using call tracking numbers, you really should be.”

I had heard call tracking mentioned before the convention and have always been hugely frustrated by advertising without knowing whether I was getting a decent ROI, so I took the opportunity at the convention to visit Invoco’s stand and sign up for their offer. Within 2 months I had purchased extra numbers and can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. Not only has it helped me gauge my ROI on various advertising streams but even the ROI of members of my team responsible for running those streams! The Invoco site is incredibly straightforward to use and gives you all the information you need to measure the effectiveness of your adverts. If you are not already using call tracking numbers, you really should be.”

Luke Norbury Home Instead Senior Care 28th November 2013

“Invoco’s website is so easy to use and I am no technical expert!”

I currently use Invoco for call tracking numbers so I can see when people actually ring the numbers on my adverts, website etc. I can now measure which marketing campaigns are generating my sales leads and therefore which campaigns are working and which aren’t. Invoco’s website is so easy to use and I am no technical expert! Analysing the call data is straightforward too. Costs are really competitive, and the guys from Invoco are really nice and hugely helpful!

Lee Guest Guest Independent Mortgages 13th December 2017

How does call tracking work?

“If you are not using Invoco to track your business calls…why?”

If you are not using Invoco to track your business calls…why? They are unbelievably good value, offer a professional level of service and are nice people to do business with. So give ’em a call and get your business tracking its marketing.

Stuart Morrison Mister Metric 22nd June 2017

How much do they cost? [1]

Set Up Fee


Monthly Fee [2]


Divert to Landline


Divert to Mobile


Divert to VoIP [3]


[1] All pricing is exclusive of VAT.   [2] Per number.   [3] Includes calls diverted to PBX.

How can I set up call tracking?

Getting call tracking set up is easy. It just takes 3 simple steps…

1. Choose your numbers

This might be the longest part as we have over half a million to choose from!

2. Set up your account

Enter your name, email and other details…easy right?!

3. Add your target number

Enter the number where you want to receive your calls. No extra equipment required.

Ready to get started?

“An excellent service made easier with a great online portal and clear and concise pricing. “

Since signing up with Invoco we have enjoyed better tracking of our campaigns, be able to move all our calls to be answered by a VA and have a couple of numbers that are actually earning us money – an excellent service made easier with a great online portal and clear and concise pricing. The service is a must for any business with multiple sources of new business or, like us, multiple campaigns for a growing client base – thank you Invoco!

Tom Perry Sherpa Marketing 16th August 2016

100% No Risk Guarantee

No minimum contracts. No tie in.

We don’t tie you in to long term contracts. If for whatever reason you are not happy, you are completely free to cancel at any time.

What do you get?

Standard Features

Online Management Portal

Manage your numbers and account online 24/7. Get access to real-time reporting, add new numbers and set up integrations.

Call Statistics

Check out your calls in real time, how many calls you’re receiving on your numbers, when your busy times are, how many calls are being missed, etc.

Email Reports

Get detailed reports delivered straight to your inbox showing all of your calling activity.


Send calls to the system voicemail when you don’t want to receive calls. Customise the greeting yourself or ask one of the team to get one professionally recorded for you.

Voicemail to Email

Get your voicemails emailed directly to your inbox so you can listen your voicemails and respond to missed calls even when you’re not in the office.

Time of Day Routing

Need to route your calls to a different place at specified times, e.g., send calls to an out-of-hours call answering service when the office is closed?


Become a productivity ninja and link your numbers to a huge range of third party apps. Need to get your call data into your CRM or maybe trigger some automation after receiving a call?
Check out our integrations.

Call Blocking

Fed up of being constantly interrupted by unwanted nuisance callers? Just block them with a click of a button and never hear from them again!

Redirect to VoIP

Need to receive your calls on an Invoco VoIP device instead of a normal landline or a mobile phone? No problem.


Desktop Notifications

Get real-time notifications on your computer for incoming calls and link straight into their contact record in your CRM at a click of a mouse.


Optional Features

Call Whisper

Do you need to know if your inbound calls are coming from your virtual number as opposed to someone ringing your number directly? Call Whisper will announce which number is calling when you answer the phone.
£1 per number/month

Call Recording

Need to get your calls recorded for training or compliance purposes? Get all of your incoming calls recorded by adding the call recording feature. Taking payment details over the phone? Pause and resume call recording mid-call to ensure you’re not storing that information inadvertently.
£10 per month plus 1.5p/min surcharge

Advanced Call Management

Do you have complex call routing requirements such as needing to forward to multiple numbers simultaneously, overflowing calls to a call answering service or sending calls to different destinations based on the time of day? Talk to one of our call routing specialists.

Frequently asked questions

Still unsure about how Virtual Numbers can work for your business or need advice on the best numbers to choose and how to set them up?

Request a call back from one of our friendly sales team!

Question? Call Us.

We’re here to help.

Call us and speak to an
Inbound Call Marketing Specialist.

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“It’s a fantastic service – and at last, I know which bit of my marketing actually works.”

Invoco’s weekly report remains the sexiest message I get all week: and lets me know what makes my phone ring! And some weeks- it’s surprising… It’s a fantastic service – and at last, I know which bit of my marketing actually works.

Mark Chase Lemon Chase 4th February 2017

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