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Invoco & eTakeawayMax

An all in one solution for restaraunts and takeaway businesses.

eTakeawayMax + Invoco = A seamless experience for your customers

We’ve teamed up with eTakeawayMax to provide restaraunts and takeaways the perfect solution to excel. From a fully branded website, to a phone system tailored exactly to your needs, our collaboration will provide you with everything you need to provide the best customer service and have the best reputation in your area.

The Invoco Phone System

A state of the art cloud phone system that will allow your team to handle calls with ease, directing calls to second phones if the lines are busy, or redirecting to your mobile if you're out of the shop. On hold music, an IVR and call queues are just a few benefits that will benefit your business.

Invoco Broadband

Ensure great speeds so that you can work quickly and efficiently during busy periods. With a dedicated project engineer and rapid resolution times, we'll make sure your broadband is a segment of your business that you never even have to think about.

The eTakeawayMax System

eTakeawayMax is the zero-commission alternative that helps you make more money from online orders. Get more repeat business with contact-less QR menu ordering, waiter apps, driver apps, pre-ordering, and order limits. Integrates with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Just-Eat, UberEat, Deliveroo and more. Automate your business, save time and turbocharge your profits.

About eTakeawayMax

You can get ALL of the following in one handy package

About Invoco

Invoco is a straightforward, adaptable telecoms company specialising in virtual numbers, call tracking, broadband and VoIP phone systems. Having worked with lots of different businesses and a wide range of sizes, we are committed to creating solutions for each individual business – from lowering your bills, to tracking your leads and growing your business. This offer can massively cut costs and help you set up a great hosted phone system, tailored YOUR business. Our broadband is VoIP optimised, so is designed to work seamlessly alongside your telephony setup – and it’ll work brilliantly with eTakeawayMax’s tech too!

And we have a 5-star rating on Google! 🙌

Your offer:

Access the PLATINUM eTakeawayMax package, with our Invoco Phone System and broadband, for just £30 per week!*

If you’d like to hear more, or just want to get cracking and access this incredibly competitive package, fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, call us on 01527 306 820, or reach out to the team at  eTakeawayMax here.


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