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As you’ve already read in our letter, Invoco was literally created to serve businesses like yours. But what features actually come with our Hosted PBX (cloud phone system) packages?

Standard Features

Online Management Portal

Manage your numbers and account online 24/7. Get access to real-time reporting, add new numbers and set up integrations.

Call Statistics

Check out your calls in real time, how many calls you’re receiving on your numbers, when your busy times are, how many calls are being missed, etc.

Email Reports

Get detailed reports delivered straight to your inbox showing all of your calling activity.


Send calls to the system voicemail when you don’t want to receive calls. Customise the greeting yourself or ask one of the team to get one professionally recorded for you.

Voicemail to Email

Get your voicemails emailed directly to your inbox so you can listen to your voicemails and respond to missed calls even when you’re not in the office.

Basic Time of Day Routing

Need to route your calls to a different place at specified times, e.g., send calls to an out-of-hours call answering service when the office is closed?

Welcome Message

Make your system sound more professional by adding a simple Welcome Message at the start of the call with your company name and any messages you think are relevant.

Call Blocking

Fed up of being constantly interrupted by unwanted nuisance callers? Just block them with a click of a button and never hear from them again!

Basic Integrations

Become a productivity ninja and link your Invoco account to a range of third party applications such Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
Check out our basic integrations


Make calls at a click of your mouse, directly from your webpage using the Invoco Dialler Chrome Extension.
Works specifically with our 3rd party integrations.

Desktop Notifications

Get real-time notifications on your computer for incoming calls and link straight into their contact record in your CRM at a click of a mouse.

Optional Features

Call Whisper

Do you need to know if your inbound calls are coming from your virtual number as opposed to someone ringing your number directly? Call Whisper will announce which number is calling when you answer the phone.

Advanced Time of Day Routing

Need to route your calls to different places beyond what our basic time-of-day routing will allow? Advanced time-of-day routing will give you more flexibility in this configuration.

IVR Menu

Improve your call handling efficiency and route your calls to the right team by adding a menu option, e.g., '1 for Sales, 2 for Support, etc.'

Call Recording

Need to get your calls recorded for training or compliance purposes? Get all of your incoming calls recorded by adding the call recording feature. Taking payment details over the phone? Pause and resume call recording mid-call to ensure you’re not storing that information inadvertently.
£10 per month plus 1.5p/min surcharge (inclusive in Essentials package and above)

Bespoke Music On Hold

Why not add some marketing messages to your on-hold music to make clients aware of any upcoming promotions or new products?

Advanced Call Management

Do you have complex call routing requirements such as needing to forward to multiple numbers simultaneously, overflowing calls to a call answering service or sending calls to different destinations based on the time of day? Talk to one of our call routing specialists.

Premium Integrations

Become a productivity ninja and link your numbers to a huge range of third party apps such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Infusionsoft and Zapier. Need to get your call data into your CRM or maybe trigger some automation after receiving a call?
Check out our premium integrations

Sentiment Analysis

Do you regularly monitor calls for training and quality purposes? Automate your process and save time with our AI driven sentiment analysis tool, which can automatically notify you when a calls score hits below your chosen sentiment threshold.

Call Transcription

Forget parts of a 20 minute conversation, or pick up from where your colleagues left off? The call transcription tool will provide you with all the context and key points you've missed, in seconds - without having to listen to a call recording.

AI Generated Summary Notes

Drive efficiency with AI generated summary notes that are actioned as a call takes place... no more note taking and putting the conversation to a halt as you set takes in your CRM.

And how much does it usually cost?



Per User Per Month

Basic Pay As You Go

Basic includes all of these great features:



Per User Per Month

Add the Essentials Pack to your system for more advanced features

All Basic Features +


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Per User Per Month

Go for Unlimited to fix your costs

All Essential Features +

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