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Yealink EXP40 Expansion Module

£73.00 ex VAT


The EXP40 Expansion Module for the SIP-T46G and SIP-48G, expanding the functional capability of your sip phone to a whole new level. It features a large graphic LCD. Two pages of 20 flexible buttons are shown on the display can be programmed up to 40 various features, the productivity-enhancing features include BLF/BLA, speed dialling, call forward, transfer, park, pickup, etc. Up to 6 of the Yealink EXP40 can be daisy-chained together making it ideal for busy receptionists who need to be able to see who is available and transfer calls quickly and efficiently.


  • 20 physical keys each with a dual-colour LED
  • 20 additional keys through page switch
  • 2 independent control keys are used for fast switch pages
  • supports up to 6 modules daisy-chained (for a total of 240 extra keys)
  • 160×320 graphic LCD with 16-level greyscale
  • Powered via the host IP phone
  • Stand with 2 adjustable angles
  • Wall mountable
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