Agile CRM Integration Release

It’s integration announcement time! This week, we’re talking about Agile CRM. It gives you the opportunity to automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform, whilst avoiding data leaks and enabling consistent messaging. So in other words, it helps your team to become more… agile ;). I’ll leave.

How can the Agile CRM integration to the Invoco Hosted PBX, call tracking and virtual number platforms help me?

1. On receiving calls, we’ll do a real-time lookup into your Agile database and try to match the caller’s number to a contact, and;
2. If we find a match, we’ll add a call note for that contact with details of the call and a link to the call recording, or;
3. If we don’t find a match, we’ll create a new contact in Agile automatically and add a call note to that contact.

See who’s calling you in real-time with desktop notifications (screen pops) linked to your AgileCRM system, and if you’re using the Invoco Hosted PBX system, we’ll even send the caller information straight to your Invoco VoIP phone. Clicking on the notification will take you straight into the contact record in AgileCRM as well!

Want to get yourself set up? Click here to learn more.

Let us know how you find the Agile CRM Integration! If you’ve got a suggestion on what we should try out next, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!


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