The B2B Marketing Expo: Our experience

We exhibited at the B2B Marketing Expo at the ExCel in London a couple of weeks ago. Here we are!

Mark and Jez at the B2B Marketing Expo

This was a large expo with around 700 exhibitors. We’ve done a few trade shows over the years but this was our first big (expensive!) expo aimed specifically at the business-to-business audience. We assumed visitors would be pretty clued up about call tracking numbers already and were expecting conversations to be about specific details of our product. However, this wasn’t the case and most of our conversations involved explaining the basics. So things didn’t quite go as expected but we had some interesting conversations and picked up a few promising leads nevertheless. Would we go again? Probably not to the ExCel but I’m sure we’ll be exhibiting at another B2B Marketing Expo somewhere else soon. We’ll let you know!



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