Invoco's integration with Infusionsoft


Based on feedback from our customers we’ve recently made a few changes to our Infusionsoft integration. In a nutshell here’s what we’ve done:

  • Added autocomplete inputs, so when you start to type the name of your trigger tag you’ll see a list of matches. If you type a new name we’ll automatically create the tag in Infusionsoft. Same goes for lead sources and custom fields.

Inufsionsoft auto-fill dropdown


  • Added a new trigger tag for mobile calls. This is triggered when a customer phones from a mobile.
  • You can now specify a lead source for new contacts.
  • Added a short call toggle so you can treat “short calls” as missed calls. This is useful if a call goes to voicemail.
  • Added custom fields for the following:
    • Last Call. This records the time of the last call with the contact.
    • Call Counter. Each time a call takes place this field is incremented by one.
    • Mobile Number. If a mobile call takes place with the contact the number is saved in this custom field.
  • Added a global on/off switch to temporarily stop/start sending call data to Infusionsoft.


If there’s anything else you’d like to see please let us know and we’ll consider adding it.



Posted on: 24th December 2015