This week’s release is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration. It’s slightly different from our usual integrations in that it can’t add call notes directly into your account, but our desktop notifications will allow you to click straight into your CRM to amend contacts yourself far quicker! So what does Invoco’s Call Tracking and Hosted PBX integrations into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central do? Well, some pretty cool stuff actually…

So how does it work?

When you receive a call to one of your numbers we’ll do a real-time lookup to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central database and:

1. If we find a contact that matches the caller’s number, you’ll see a Desktop notification pop up on your screen with the caller’s name and number. Clicking on that pop up will take you straight into Business Central.

2. If we don’t find a match for the telephone number, we’ll automatically create a new contact using the default name we specified earlier if you opted for it, with a desktop notification as well.

And as always, having the Contact Lookup feature enabled will allow you to see who’s calling you straight from your VoIP phone.

If you want to get the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration set up, click here.

We’ve got a lot coming up for release soon, but as usual, I’d love to get your feedback on our new features and if you have any ideas or requests please let me know.



Posted on: 16th March 2021