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GDPR: Call Recording and Data Protection

With GDPR just around the corner, we’re getting lots of questions about call recording, such as:

  • “Where are my call recordings stored?”;
  • “Are my recordings encrypted?”, and;
  • “How do I prevent storing sensitive data like credit card details in my call recordings?”

Call recording storage:

Our call recordings are stored in our high-security UK data centre. Rumour has it that Ethan Hunt was tasked by the Mission Impossible team to break in but declined because “It was too hard!” What a wuss!

Even if Mr Hunt was able to access the facility, he’d still come up short as all of our call recordings are encrypted using 2048-bit RSA encryption which is pretty much uncrackable, at least until quantum computers are invented.

Pausing and resuming call recording:

What about if you’re processing sensitive data over the phone such as credit card data for instance? Not a problem, just pause the call recording in-call and then resume after the payment information has been taken.

Pausing and resuming call recording during the call can be achieved by simply entering #1 on your keypad. You’ll hear an acknowledgement indicating that the recording is either off or on.

Do we share your data?

In short, no. We do have some integrations such as Dropbox or Infusionsoft that give you the ability to pass call recordings to that application but this is something that you choose to set up and you’re in control of.

New functionality for GDPR:

From 25th May you’ll be able to delete call recordings directly from the Portal so if a client invokes their right to be forgotten or you simply forgot to pause call recording whilst taking payment information, you’ll be able to rectify that immediately.

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