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How to set up the Invoco integration to Dropbox

The video above shows how to connect the Invoco platform to your Dropbox account. Once connected, we can push the following into Dropbox automatically:

  • Call Recordings: Once a call has completed, we’ll push the recording into the call recording folder in your Dropbox account which you can store for as long as you need.
  • Itemised call records: Once a week, we’ll push a CSV file with itemised call records for the previous week, so if you need to upload the data to a reporting platform or CRM system you can.
  • Invoices: Keep all of your invoices in one place to make it easier to refer to them in the future.
  • Weekly reports: Fed up of trawling through your emails to find your weekly reports? Get them pushed to a ‘Weekly Reports’ folder instead. No more searching!

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