Invoco's Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business.

So what does Invoco’s Call Tracking and Hosted PBX integrations into Business Central do? Well, some pretty cool stuff actually…

This integration will:
  • Do a lookup to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central database and attempt to match a telephone number to a contact,
  • If we find a match, you’ll see a desktop notification pop up on your screen with the caller’s name and number. Clicking on that pop up will take you straight into Business Central.
  • If we don’t find a match for the telephone number, you’ll see the same notification pop up, but we’ll automatically create a new contact using the default name you specify (if you opt for it).

The notifications will look something like this…


It will also display the caller’s name on your Invoco VoIP Phone, as long as you have the Contact Lookup feature enabled! So now, you can enjoy new levels of productivity and collaboration with the powerful Business Central tool.

And if you’re using the Invoco Hosted PBX system, we’ll even send the caller information straight to your Invoco VoIP phone.

How to set up the integration between Invoco and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central…