Raising Money to Travel and Help Rural Communities in Peru

A slightly different blog to the usual content we send out, but we thought that this was important enough to bring to your attention…

A group of teenagers from North Bromsgrove High School will be embarking on a month long trip to Peru to help build a school for disadvantaged young people in July 2019.

16-year-olds Isabel Cotterell and Eve Stockley and 15-year-old Amelie Taylor are three of the seven who need to raise £4,300 each to make the trip possible. The group will head out to Moray in July as part of the venture with Camps International. Once there the girls will jump straight into their voluntary work in rural areas which will include; building a school, teaching English to the children and planting trees in the Amazon Rain Forest.

The team need to reach £12,900 collectively and have been fiercely raising money in lots of different ways over the last few months – and we’re really proud to say that we’re helping the girls reach their goal through sponsorship!

If you want to help make a difference to the suffering people of Peru and aid in raising money, please click the link below:


To keep up to date with their progress, follow their Facebook… https://www.facebook.com/PeruCrew19/

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