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What is a static IP address and do I need one?

When you power up your broadband router and connect to the Internet, in order for rest of the world to be able to communicate with your network and devices, the router will need an internet address, just like your house needs an address in order to receive mail correctly. This is called an IP address.

Depending on your ISP, you can either get a Dynamic or a Static IP address. A

Dynamic IP address comes from a pool of shared addresses that are allocated to customers as and when they connect to the Internet. The customer will have that IP address for as long as they’re connected to the Internet but if they disconnect and re-connect they’ll be allocated a new address for the duration of that session.

A static IP address however, is an address that is allocated to your network and your network alone, so every time your network connects to the Internet it’ll have the same IP address.

Why is this useful?

In the current world of remote working, having a static IP address is particularly useful. It makes it easier for your team to remotely connect to your network using a VPN and also gives extra security if you’re connecting your network to other networks.

All Invoco broadband connections have a static IP address included by default.

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November 5, 2018