Zoho Docs Integration Release

We’ve released our new integration with Zoho Docs!

It’s an online file management system for teams and individuals and is really quick and easy to set up. It enables you to create, upload, and share files of different formats, all without having to install any software – sounds handy right?

So what does the Zoho Docs integration to the Invoco Hosted PBX, call tracking and virtual number platforms do?

Call recordings. Once a call has completed, we’ll push the recording into the call recording folder in your Zoho Docs account which can store for as long as you need.

Itemised call records. Once a week, we’ll push a CSV file with itemised call records for the previous week, so if you need to upload the data to a reporting platform or CRM system you can.

Invoices. Keep all of your invoices in one place to make it easier to refer to them in the future.

Weekly reports. Fed up of travelling through your emails to find your weekly reports? Get them pushed to a ‘Weekly Reports’ folder instead. No more searching!

Interested? Click here to watch the video on how you can quickly set yourself up!

If you’re an existing Zoho Docs user and would like to see a new feature please do let us know and we’ll see if we can build it in.


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