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Adding additional user access to your Invoco Portal

Want to provide a colleague with access to your Invoco Portal without giving them your login details?

We’ve got an answer for that.. create a user account just for them.

You can restrict what the user has access to and manage the users’ login all via the Invoco Portal.

Step 1

Adding a new user

To begin, head to the Account page and then the ‘Users’ tab.


Here we can invite a new user, and view any existing users we’ve already got.

Here we can invite a new user, and view any existing users

We’ve added some common preset user roles, but you can amend the access rights specifically where necessary.

  • Administrator: This user will have the same access rights as the account holder albeit without the ability to make account-specific changes, such as deactivating.
  • Read-Only user: This user can only view information within the portal, they cannot change account information or diverts, for example.
  • Read-Write user: This user can view and make changes to information within the portal, including account information or number diverts, for example.
    (They cannot make changes to other users)

Step 2

Amending User Access Rights

If you find the preset roles don’t quite cut it, we’ve added the ability to control/restrict almost every element of the Invoco Portal.

(You can control this on a per-user basis)

Step 3

Inviting the User

Once you’ve decided what access you’d like to give the user, enter their email address & name.. they will receive an email to accept the invitation and set their password.

Editing Existing Users

Here’s our user, we can see their role and whether they’ve accepted the invite or not.

If need be, we can edit their permissions OR delete their user login via the action button associated with the user.

Job done!

Should you run into any problems whilst following this guide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

01527 306001

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November 5, 2018