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How to set up the Invoco integration to Insightly

Connecting your Invoco Virtual Number, Virtual Landline or Hosted VoIP PBX system to Insightly is really easy. Check out the video to see how to connect the two systems.

In summary, the integration will:

  • Add call notes to Contact Records: After a call has been completed, if there is a contact record in Insightly that matches the telephone number of the contact the system will add a call note to that contact with details of the call and a link to the call recording on the Invoco system if call recording is enabled.
  • Create new Contact Records: If the system doesn’t find a match in Insightly the system can optionally create a contact record with a default name and attach the call note to that record.
  • Desktop Notifications: On incoming calls, the Invoco platform will perform a real-time look-up to Insightly and if it finds a match on the telephone number for a contact, it will display the caller’s name as a Desktop Notification as long as you’re logged into the Invoco Portal. Clicking on the notification will take you straight to that contact record in Insightly.
  • Display caller’s details on your VoIP phone: As with Desktop Notifications, if the caller’s details can be found in Insightly, the system will display the caller’s name on your incoming calls.

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