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Scheduling a Holiday Divert for your Invoco Numbers

Bank holiday, staff training/outing, or just out of the office for a little while? Don’t forget to schedule a divert for your numbers! Invoco makes scheduling a temporary divert quick & easy with the Holidays feature.

Enabling the Holidays divert function

Head to your Invoco Portal, under the My Numbers page you’ll see the ‘Holidays‘ button toward the top right.


Once you’ve enabled the Holidays function, we’ll have a few options;

Bank Holidays – this will add all bank holidays dates throughout the year, enable/disable as required.

Exclude Numbers – have a ‘call out’ or ’emergency’ number that needs to remain untouched? No worries, we can exclude it.

Add Holiday – Manually schedule a holiday divert.

See below for these settings in more detail.

Bank Holidays

Enabling the Bank Holidays setting will automatically add all bank holiday dates for this year, you can edit these manually if need be. The system determines a bank holiday as the entire day, i.e midnight to midnight.

Exclude Numbers

If you have an emergency or call out number that should remain diverting where it usually does, we can exclude it. (Excluded numbers will follow the divert set within the My Numbers page)

Manually Scheduling a Holiday Divert

We can manually schedule holiday diverts on an ad-hoc basis – you can add as many holiday diverts as you require. Simply set the start & end dates/times, give it a quick description and hit save.. the portal will take care of the rest. (The portal will automatically ENABLE and DISABLE the divert based on the start/end times)

Last bit.. scroll down & select where the calls should be diverted

When the Holiday divert is active, select where you’d like the calls to be diverted.

Voicemail – divert to your Invoco voicemail facility
(you can upload a specific voicemail message, and whether you want voicemail-to-email via the Settings > Voicemail page:

Number – enter your desired telephone number to divert to.

Job done!

Should you run into any problems whilst following this guide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

01527 306001

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