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Setting up BLF keys on your Yealink T5 handset in 4 simple steps.

If you have any other model of Yealink handset, please see our other articles.

What is BLF?

BLF stands for Busy Lamp Field and is a great feature, particularly for teams working remotely. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you need to make or transfer a call to a remote colleague but you don’t know if they’re already on the phone? This is where the Busy Lamp Field comes in…

The BLF keys on your phone will allow you quickly see the phone status of that person. Each BLF key shows the status for an individual extension/user on the phone system so if you’ve got 5 people in your team, you’ll need 5 BLF keys.

GREEN means the person is available to take the call and RED means they’re not. Simple.

The below procedure will take you through setting up BLF keys on the following handsets: T53, T53W, T54W, T56A and T57W.

Step 1

Finding the URL/ IP address for your Yealink

To set up BLF keys on your Yealink 5 series, firstly you’ll need to obtain its IP address

To find these, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Press the menu key.

Press the menu key

2. Press enter on status (should be the first option selected).

Press enter on status

3. On the same line as IPv4 you’ll find your IP address. It should look something like this –

On the same line as IPv4 you'll find your IP address.

Step 2

Accessing your Yealink settings/ interface

To access your Yealink setting you’ll need to open up your web browser. Follow these steps to get to your Yealink’s settings page:

Click on the search bar at the top of your browser and enter the IP address. It should look like this…

You’ll be then taken to the login page for the phone where you’ll need to enter your login credentials:

If your phone was sourced by Invoco and you don’t know your login credentials, reach out to the Support Team and they’ll be able to help you with this.

Step 3

Finding the BLF/ programmable keys page

Once you’ve entered the correct details you’ll be taken to the status/ home page to the Yealink interface

From here, follow these steps to navigate to the BLF/ Line keys page:

1. Click the Dsskey category box found on the left-hand menu.

2.Click Line Keys

Step 4

Setting up your BLF keys

You’ll then see this page.

To create BLF keys on this page:

1. Click the dropdown box in the Type category and select BLF

2. Once BLF is selected click on the Value Box and type in your chosen extension number

3. In the Label box type in the name you’d like to see on your phone

4. In the Line, category box select LINE 1

5.In the Extension category, type in the extension – make sure it’s the same as the number in the Value box

After you have filled in the boxes it should look something like this:

After all the boxes are filled, click confirm and your Yealink will provision your new additions showing the BLF keys.

Job Done!

Should you run into any problems whilst following this guide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

01527 306001

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