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The new Wi-Fi IP Phone range

We’ve just released an exciting new range of wireless IP phones for use with the Invoco Hosted PBX Platform and are the first Wi-Fi enabled phones in our range.

They’re great for anyone who would struggle to connect to a standard ethernet-cabled phone such as people working in shared office locations, homeworkers, or simply anyone that just wants to get rid of all those pesky wires, cable management systems and go through a Marie Kondo-style decluttering exercise.

So if you’re already on the Hosted PBX platform and need to replace some of your old phones or you’re thinking of making that transition to a VoIP system but just don’t know where to begin, click here to request a call back from one of the Sales Team or call 01527 306 000 and we’ll be happy to help.

Let us know what you think of the Wi-Fi Phone range!


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