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What is a call whisper?

What is a Call Whisper?

The Call Whisper is a great little feature that will help if you or your team need to know which incoming telephone number you’re answering. For example, you may have a telephone number for your sales team and a different number for your support team, both of which would be answered in a particular way and you may have people on your team who answer both sales and support calls. In this scenario they need to be able to recognise the incoming call and answer accordingly.

This is where the Call Whisper comes in. When the team member answers the call the system will announce a short message to them such as “Sales” or “Support” for example, followed by a beep tone and then the caller is connected. This allows the team member to answer the call in the appropriate way.

Another great example could be a call answering business where the agents need to be able to answer the call in the name of the relevant business. Giving each of their clients a Virtual Number with a Call Whisper would allow them to do that.

How do I set up Call Whisper?

If you’re a Virtual Number or Virtual Landline client you can add a Call Whisper on the Bolt-Ons page. Once you’ve added the Call Whispers to your account, you can set them up in the My Numbers page by editing your numbers. Check out the following guide for more details:

Troubleshooting Call Whisper

The most common problem experienced with the Call Whisper is simply that the receiver doesn’t hear the whisper message when they answer the call.

Our system plays the Whisper message as soon as the call is connected and it usually takes 1-2 seconds to play the message. However, if your phone system has any kind of automated greeting, menu options, or a call distribution group that answers the call and plays a ringing tone whilst it connects the caller through to somebody, then by the time the receiver answers the call the whisper will already have been played so they won’t hear it.

If you’re using the Invoco Hosted PBX system, have a chat with the Support Team about the best way to implement the Whisper feature in your setup.

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